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Express II Line Description: The Ballistic Express series of shooting heads are designed to be very user friendly yet lend themselves to advanced casting techniques due to extended front and rear tapers. Incorporated in the design is the natural growth of line length with line weight, since these proportions are typical inherent in most rod designs, too. This concept of line growth with line weight generally provides the best fit of rod and line. The extended rear taper is a key design improvement which allows the individual caster to find the sweet spot at which to hold his line during various casting situations and accommodates the creation the optimum loop configuration and personal style. The most significant aspect of the Express design is its smooth, powerful, and consistent layout performance. This is achieved through balanced proportions of front, belly and rear tapers. The front tapers range from 15 to 20 feet and provide a powerful roll-out. The rear tapers range from 3.5 to 5.5 feet and establish a graduated scale to adjust your cast for different casting situations. All of these features were blended together to establish the optimal flight characteristics which is a trademark of all Ballistic Spey lines.

Express II Specification:

4/5 weight 28 ft. 270 grains;

5/6 weight 30 ft. 320 grains;

6/7 weight 32 ft. 380 grains;

7/8 weight 34 ft. 440 grains;

8/9 weight 36 ft. 500 grains;

9/10 weight 38 ft. 560 grains;


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Price $50.00