Great Lakes Switch

Great Lakes Switch
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Designed based on the particular needs of Great Lakes Steelhead fishermen who want a versatile single/double hand rod designed for multi-tasking in tight conditions. The Great Lakes Switch has an action that is forgiving yet strong enough to make the switch to two handed or Spey applications. This rod is a pleasure to cast, built with plenty of reserve power, and a deep flex lending itself to the heavier weight shooting heads or Skagit style lines. The Great Lakes Switch is a serious fish fighting tool and easy to control with cluttered fishing situations. It also lends itself readily to salt water big game situations. The butt extension increases length for extra leverage to facilitate Spey casting or long two-hand overhead techniques. Recommend a 10/11/12 wt. forward line for single hand, and a 7/8 CND Gravity Point Spey or 7/8 CND Skagit line. 44" tube included; CUSTOM MADE IN USA with CND blank.

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Price $505.00