CND Black Spey Series Blanks

CND Black Spey Series Blanks
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12'6" - 5/6/7  NO LONGER AVAILABLE

A light weight spey rod that is at home on the trout waters, lakes, and coastal rivers that have summer runs of early returning fish. It is light in the hand and a pleasure to cast all day long.  


This rod provides the additional speed and power for the heavier flies needed for larger trout and early returning sea run schools but maintains the light feel and sensitive casting for those who enjoy the challenge of gearing down.

13'6" - 7/8/9  NO LONGER AVAILABLE

A great rod for those who need a four piece for travel and want to fish for large trout, small salmon and steehead. It has the reserve power required for longer casts and longer battles on the streamside.

14' - 8/9/10

This is a serious but refined tool for those spey casters chasing steelhead and salmon on larger and faster water. This rod delivers a weighted fly with authority and grace. It has backbone and speed with the great feel of a deep flexing rod.

15' - 9/10/11

The largest rod in the Black Spey series designed for the big waters and big fish. Surprisingly sensitive and light in the hand, maintaining the ability to readily sense the loading and unloading via the CND full flex designs.

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Price $215.00